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Monday, February 14, 2011

worth to be a liar?

is it like a betrayal when u lie to someone who really cares about u?

hurting others when they know they been cheated lively?

like to be yell or sort of punishment?

maybe its worth for u when u decide to be a liar.

what else can u achieve at d end of d lie that u make?

satisfaction, maybe a factor of it.

but y?

just because others' hope to fulfill ur desire, needs, wants; so u decide to make a big liar for d whole to someone who really needs ur attention?


sit back & think again...

is't worth? for all that happens really bring happiness to u at d end?

think back again...

put urself into someone's shoes who been cheated by u.

how do u feel? mad? sad? angry?

life is just like that, its all happen every day, can't avoid any of it.

but feel how deep d feeling that will hurt u.

enough just to say SORRY?

well, thats d only word u can say to them, YES, d only word, u need no explanation to let them know when they figure out they been cheated by u all d way.

time goes by. maybe they will forgive u without ur notice & will forget bout it.

that's MAYBE...

so, d next time, please think for it before u want to b d BIG LIAR... 


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