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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

me on Sport Carniva day

MKM Sport Carnival that had been organize on last 24th January 2010,
located at Padang Astaka PJ

not all of da students attend da carnival & I'd to cancel the photo session at Tmn Burung KL


da 3 from Bad-Bunch's of MKM going out for shopping
looks like lot of things we buy
but we are not really addicted with shopping
only buy for necessary things
cloths, printers & food...

special edition bugs!

if you ever noticed on each bugs you have in you pocket
you might bout this special edition bugs

if you look carefully on these pictures,
u'll find da difference with other bugs that you may have...
it's da special edition 50th anniversary of Independence Day of Malaysia...!

no more cigar please...!

sick & tired being smell those smoke...
even I'm used to be smoker, but I totally hate da smell...

please la...
dun ever smoke in ma room again...
it's hard to breath...
make me can't sleep...!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

money matters

something going on with me, since i went to an event that always organize on Sunday at Amcorp Mall at Taman Jaya PJ, where there's can call a market in front of Giant, i met with a seller who sell RM1 six pieces at RM10...

why there's such thing? 

things why it sell six pieces of RM1 at RM10 is because d series number is consecutively... what a collection la...

since then, i'm carefully with all bugs in hand, looking on it's series number, before i spent it, hahaha...
so, here's some of bug that i'd before i spent them, LOL...!

Monday, January 4, 2010

dah potong!!!

pe yg dah potong?
mesti teringat kat iklan TM tu
"Abang dah potong?"

xder kaitan langsung...
xder potong2 wayar or nk tukar pakai broadband or sumtin' else...
itu bukan keperluan...

ape yg dah potong kat sini ialah...

hari sabtu, 2hb Januari 2010
hari yang teramat boring coz Process Writing class habis awal...
wi-fi plak xbaper clear nk on-line...
dari tidur, dok merayap ke bilik member, kaco depa ~lol~

akibat terasa sedikit kerimasan di kepala ni, bukan gatal-gatal kutu yer...
niat di hati ingin memotong rambut yang dah mula melebihi koler baju
panjang tu...

so, after Asar, i went to Champions League Barber
kire saloon lelaki r ni ~demand~
coz dah jadi membership kan...

ni la rambut masa raya haji haritu...
sampai la 1hb Januari 2010, lagi la panjang...

la ni, dah potong...
kome leh imagine or view my old pics la nak tengok betaper skemanyer rambut ni...

Friday, January 1, 2010


dated 01012010 at hour 2000
i went out for dinner ~alone~
at KopiOh!
a place where i used to lepak
having a glass of white coffee cappuccino blended ~i luv it!~
with any meal, hehehe

this is da white coffee cappuccino!! ~luv it!~


tonite's meal is chicken chop black pepper

for those who interested to try having meal at KopiOh!
can refer to da top of da receipt
got address there
please to come yer, juz wanna u try it!

why i like this place???
~the atmosphere is so nice at nite~
~got Wifi!~
~an open air cafe~
~da boss & waitress owez smile!~


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