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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday 3rd Epilogue

12am - badminton training with d gang @ Challenger Sport Center till 1am

1.30am - prepared myself to go to PD

2.15am - depart to PD in Viva, raining & cold

3.30am - arriving PD, unfortunately its still raining, lepaking @ d beach, playing card @ strolling along d beach

5am - having sahur, seafood fried rice, spicy.. [x habis] with Nescafe tarik

5.45am - going back to KL, to UIA Gombak

7am - arriving KL, traffic jam.. take Jun & send her to d Pekeliling terminal

8.40am - arriving hostel & prepared for En. Paie class @ 9am

10.15am - class dismissed, take a nap on bed

3pm - going out to Mid Valley for window shopping & shooting

7pm - having buka puasa @ The Spaghetti Farm Mid Valley, after solat Maghrib going back to hostel

9.30pm - shooting students going back home for Eid Fitri eve

10.30pm - Fad, Fitri & Shahir going back to Kedah with Myvi

till midnite, wasting time in front of d laptop..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ramadhan di penghujung...

MERDEKA: A Message [taken from somewhere..]

"Dimana bumi dipijak, disitu langit dijunjung.. 
Happy Merdeka, true independence is in our heart when we see each other as 1nation, 1love, 1goal.. 
I sacrificed my sweat & blood for this country & will give my live when needed..
I am a Malaysian all the way to the end..
I love you all my brothers & sisters..
Salam 1Malaysia.."

Bergenang air mata sejurus membaca luahan rasa insan yg berkorban & berjasa, terpukul jiwa.. 
sekian lama lalai leka membuai rasa selesa ketika angkuh-alpa memburu cita-cita..
Dimanakah kita?
Kemanakah kita?
Kita yg sedia..
Kita yg setia..
Kita yg merdeka?
Sepenuh ertikata?
Bumi dipijak langit dijunjung..
Demi agama bangsa tanahair yg didukung..
Pantang berganjak biar nyawa dipenghujung..
Wahai sahabat..
Selamat Menghayati Kemerdekaan..


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